We currently hand draw most of our plans and find that this works for our clients.

Benefits of Hand-Drafting
  • EXPERIENCE: Our hand-drafting work is backed by 30+ years experience, whereas
    most CAD operators have only a few years practice.
  • Hand-drafting allows more thought and care to go into each drawing, much like
    artisans' hand made works of art.
  • LOOKS THE SAME: Our drawings are typeset and look just like CAD.

  • GIVES YOU CONTROL: Our in-house scanner allows us to email progress
    drawings (pdf format) to our clients and collaborate via the internet.

  • SAVES YOU MONEY: Final approved plans are scanned full-size as pdf files. Our
    clients can save them on computer and email to contractors, potentially saving $$$
    hundreds on reproduction costs.
  • Upon job completion, we give each client a copy of their approved drawings and
    building permit scanned on CD in pdf format, for their reference. Adobe Acrobat is
    FREE and easy to use. You can print or save paper and email/view on your computer.
  • Old blueprint drawings can also be scanned and converted to pdf's. No need to keep
    that old musty deteriorating roll of plans!

  • EASY TO USE: Pdf files are easy to open, print and save. No extra CAD viewer
    programs required to download or install on your computer.
  • CAD draftsman may withhold vital component files from the Client to make sure they
    will receive any additional work. How can you tell if you have ALL the component files
    needed to view AND edit your drawing? CAD programs require costly upgrades every
    year and consist of many component parts -- text layers, line weights, colors, not to
    mention the rendering file and resource object files.
How our Hand Drafting compares to
Computer-Aided Drafting (CAD)
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