1.        Existing Use Permit (1999)
    a.        To re-establish a new pre-school or church use on the property, if the use was discontinued
    greater than 12 consecutive months, would require a Conditional Use Permit and a Public Hearing.
    The Church has stated that a few of their neighbors were very vocal opponents of the church.
    However, an Existing Use Permit allowed the congregation, parish and preschool to remain
    operating in the Apartment Zone and No public hearing required was required.

2.        Conditional Use Permit – minor (2000)
    a.        We provided drawings and submittals to convert a single family dwelling on a Residential
    zoned property, adjacent to an existing church, to a parking lot and church office.

3.        Joint Development (2001)
    a.        Buildings are not normally allowed to be built up to the property line without the typical
    setbacks or fire-rated wall. One way around this requirement is to Joint Develop the two adjacent
    properties as one property. This project was particularly challenging due to the sewer moratorium,
    which prohibited the expansion or development of new commercial buildings, in Wahiawa at that
    time. Although not normally allowed, our Client was able to add new floor area and increase their
    leasable office space.

4.      Existing Use Permit (2003)
    a.        New Adult Day Care Facility in a Residential Zone, w/o a Conditional Use Permit-minor or
    public hearing, which are normally required for an expansion of a Nonconforming Use. However, an
    Existing Use Permit was accepted instead, under the rationale that Adult Day Care was an adjunct to
    the existing Child Day Care, which had been previously allowed and was a continued use on the
    property pre-1986, effective date of Land Use Ordinance.

5.        Zoning Waiver and Shoreline Management Permit (SMA-minor) (2003)
    a.       An Existing Restaurant was located in a Residential zone. It was therefore a Nonconforming
    Use and also contained Nonconforming Parking. The City strictly limits Nonconforming Uses to a
    maximum of 10% of the valuation of the structure. Additional floor area is also prohibited. The site
    also lacked sufficient off-street for the existing use. However, I was able to obtain a Zoning Waiver to
    allow the Client to increase floor area (highly valuable to a restaurant business) despite these
    restrictions. Surprisingly, the initial zoning variance (1971) authorizing the restaurant in a residential
    zone, reasoned that the hardship was financial loss of income (restaurant vs residence) and
    provided sufficient reason to grant a variance.

6.        Alternate Method of Design in lieu of a Building Code Variance (2004)
    a.        A child day-care (home-based) business was not able to get a Certificate of Occupancy
    because under the provisions of 1997 UBC, a 1-hour fire separation is required between the
    dwelling portion of the house and the child day-care portion. As building a solid wall running through
    the house would not be practical and significantly impair day-to-day operations, client sought
    alternatives. I initially researched other (mainland) county jurisdictions code requirements (as child
    day-care is a growing concern in many municipalities) and found that many of them allowed this
    specific type of arrangement. In subsequent correspondence to the Dept of Planning & Permitting,
    Acting Building Division Chief Tim Hiu allowed me to demonstrate how the structure complied with
    the requirements of a more recent building code, the 2003 IBC (which allows for non-separated
    uses). The Department subsequently issued the Certificate of Occupancy for the Child Day-Care
    business, without the need for a Building Code Variance.

7.        Nonconforming Use, Nonconforming Parking, Punchbowl Special Design District (2006)
    a.        Refurbishing this old building proved to be a challenge which included a Nonconforming Use
    (office use in an apartment zone) and Nonconforming Parking and was located within the
    Punchbowl Special Design District.  In addition to architectural, mechanical, electrical and structural
    engineering services, we performed research of city records, met with city officials to review the
    scope of work, provided sketches for client review, and permit processing of the building permit.

8.        Cluster Housing Permit (2007)
    a.        Client wanted to maximize the use of his residential zoned land. As a conventional
    subdivision, the combination of County minimum development standards and State Health Dept
    requirements would require high upfront infrastructure costs and only allow a total of 4 units. We
    therefore prepared drawings and submittals for a 6-unit Cluster Housing Permit, which allowed a
    total of 6 dwelling units on one legal lot of record.

9.        Condominium Property Regime – Existing Drawings and Architect Certification (ongoing)
    a.        We provide existing drawings, review building permit history and real property tax office
    records (to provide supporting documentation), and Architect’s certification and inspection statement
    for Real Estate Commission.  

10.        Building Permit and Historic Land Use Ordinance Research (2010)      
    a.        Client wanted to convert an existing 36-unit apartment into a condominium property regime
    and retain several penthouse dwelling units that were allegedly built without building permits. We
    researched historic land use ordinaces that applied when the initial apartment and sunsequent
    additions were built. By studying the original nonconforming parking layout, real property tax records
    and both current and historic land use code amendments, we were able to document the existing
    nonconformity and propose a plan of action for the Client to obtain a building permit to retain the
    allegedly non-permitted dwelling units.
  • Licensed Registered Architect, State of Hawaii

  • Member (since 2002), International Code
    Council (ICC), the organization that writes the
    Building Code.
  • Member, Construction Specifications Institute
    (CSI), since 2001. Certified Document
    Technician (CDT) and Certified Construction
    Contract Administrator (CCCA).

  • Licensed Realtor-Associate with Abe Lee
    Realty, LLC (state lic no. RS-60490), Honolulu
    Board of Realtors, Hawaii Association of
    Realtors, National Association of Realtors.

  • City & County of Honolulu Certified Special
    Inspector for Uplift Ties.

  • Member of Honolulu Board of Realtors' City
    Affairs Committee (2010 -present) and Hawaii
    Association of Realtors' Energy Task Force
  • Home for Life Task Force, member (2011)
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Kaimuki Home: Addition / Alteration / Refurbish
  • Steep terrain and rock conditions made this project challenging for our investor/developer
    client. They wanted to expand the portion of the house above the Carport to take advantage of
    the sweeping views. However, this was also the hardest part to build.

Hawaii Loa Ridge Home: New Residence

Na Pali Haweo Home: New Residence

Kahala Kua: New Residence

Kahala Kua: New Residence

Alewa Heights: New Residence

New Residence (Keolu Hills)

Waipahu New Residence

Kailua New Residence

Honolulu New Residence

Patio Addition

Kailua New Residence
Client / Investor  liked the value and efficiency of a Honsador but had us modify to add a few
personal touches making this home unique and better conform to existing site conditions / views.
Residential Projects (click on pics for closeup views)

drawings in pdf (600 Kb)
Zoning Projects of Interest
Sketches (pdf file 4.4 MB) of an Alternate Roof configuration. Although not built exactly as
sketched, Clients were so excited to see the progression during construction, that they wanted to
explore a roof reminiscent of their travels in Bali.
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